Texas Prison Bookstores

Have a loved one locked up in Texas? You will want to check out these 6 top Texas prison bookstores.

Inmates have more time on their hand than they really want. With all that extra time a great thing many inmates partake in is reading books and magazines.

But if this is your first friend or loved one in a Texas prison, you may not know the protocol when it comes to sending any sort of prison mail.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is the Protocol When Trying to Send Books to Inmates?

Before you can send anything related to books or magazines, you need to know what the correct protocol is.

For starters majority of the prisons (state and federal) will only accept new or used softback books. All books also must be sent to the prison directly from the publisher and/or bookstore.

You will not be permitted to send any books from your home.

All incoming books cannot have sexual material. They will be checked prior to be distributed to the inmate.

The quantity of books allowed will vary from prison to prison. Some prisons will allow more while some prisons will not allow as many.

Are There Coupons for Books & Magazines for Inmates?

Typically, there are no coupons for books & magazines with these sites. Most of these vendors already provide low prices as is.

If you are worried about the money aspect, it’s best to shop around to see where you can get the best possible price.

Authorized Bookstores (Online & Offline)

Now, you are probably wondering if there are only certain authorized vendors you can use or is anyone fair game.

Well luckily for you, we’ve taken a bit of research out of the equation and brought to you some of the top well-known Texas prison book store vendors you can use.

1. IMailToPrison.Com

IMailToPrison.Com use to be known as the Texas Prison Bookstore. It’s one of the popular book vendors for Texas prisons.

IMailToPrison.Com is a great resource when it comes to shipping books to your friends and family in prison. If you are new to the rodeo, you may not know exactly what the prison will and will NOT allow.

You can find everything you need to know about what will be allowed in a Texas prison right here.

IMailToPrison.Com is a Texas state compliant vendor. This means they will only send out material to inmates that is within the state’s regulations. This allows you to know sleep peacefully at night knowing the items you sent will get to the inmate.

2. The Paperback Shop

Another great compliant vendor is The Paperback Shop.

If you are tired of having your items rejected because they forgot to put the inmate number on the package or they just don’t know or care about the prison rules, you will want to switch over to The Paperback Shop.

They provide shipping within two days. They guarantee that your package will have all necessary information on it, so it will get approved by the prison staff and given to the inmate.

3. C&L Books

C&L Books is another compliant book vendor in the state of Texas. C&L Books has been in business for over the past 20 years. They’ve shipped books to both men and women in state, county, and federal prisons all throughout the great state of Texas.

They have not only sent books, but they’ve also sent the following:

  • Calendars
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • World Puzzles

C&L Books has a great selection of used and new books. They also have a big selection of used magazines as well.

The prices here are some of the lowest prices around.

Keep in mind that they are a compliant book vendor for all levels of prisons in Texas.

4. BooksToInmates.Com

Another great site that you can send books to inmates is BookstoInmates.Com. This may not be an approved state of Texas vendor, but they do follow guidelines as well when sending to prison to ensure the inmate will receive the items.

This site will require you to know the ins and outs of the regulations for books for the prison the inmate is in. This is only recommended if you know that information. If not, it’s best to use one of the above options on this list.

5. Inside Books Project

Inside Books Project was founded back in 1998. It’s a nonprofit organization.

Inside Books Project is based in Austin, Texas. They are a group of volunteers that sends out free books along with educational materials to inmates that are in a Texas prison.

As of current Inside Books is the only program in Texas that sends out books to the inmates. They have currently sent out over 140,000 books.

The organization wants to promote literacy, reading, and education among the inmates. They want to also educate the communities on the issues that come along with incarceration as well.

6. Barnes & Noble

If you thought you would not recognize any book store name on this list, you were wrong. Barnes & Noble also sell and ship books to inmates.

While they are not a compliant vendor, you will need to know the regulations for this prison you will be shipping to ensure a successful delivery.

You can enter the inmate number in the last name field as well. You will also need to make sure you check the box that says address can’t be serviced by UPS. Many prisons will only accept packages that are delivered by the United States Postal Service.

However, like I’ve previously stated, if you are unsure of the regulations of the prison when it comes to their book and magazine policy, it is best to go with either the first or second option on the list.

What’s Next For?

If you know someone in prison who can use some books, now you have a few places to start your search.

Before you decide to order anything, it is best to contact the prison the inmate is residing in to get the guidelines of what can and cannot be accepted to ensure you have a successful delivery.

Most importantly, most prisons will only allow new or used paperback books. The subject matter is at the discretion of the prison.

Correctional Facilities in Texas

There are 674 jails and prisons in state Texas

Nueces County Jail

901 Leopard Street, Corpus Christi, TX, 78401


Walker Sayle Unit

4176 FM 1800, Breckinridge, TX, 76424-7301


Bowie County Correctional Center

105 West Front Street, Texarkana, TX, 75501


Taylor County Adult Detention Center

910 South 27th Street, Abilene, TX, 79602


Hays County Jail

1307 Uhland Road, San Marcos, TX, 78666


Henderson County Jail

206-A North Murchison Street, Athens, TX, 75751

903-675-5128, 903-675-9275

Potter County Jail

13100 Northeast 29th Street, Amarillo, TX, 79111

806-335-4100, 806-335-4105

Hood County Jail

400 Deputy Larry Miller Drive, Granbury, TX, 76048


Terry County Jail

1311 Tahoka Road PO Box 1106, Brownfield, TX, 79316-1106


Cooke County Jail

300 County Road 451, Gainesville, TX, 76240


William G. McConnell Unit

3001 South Emily Drive, Beeville, TX, 78102


Austin County Jail

417 North Chesley Street, Bellville, TX, 77418


Tom Green County Jail

222 West Harris Avenue, San Angelo, TX, 76903


Dallas County North Tower Jail (Lew Sterrett Jail)

111 West Commerce Street, Dallas, TX, 75202


Randall County Jail

9100 South Georgia Street, Amarillo, TX, 79118


Hockley County Jail

1310 Avenue H, Levelland, TX, 79336


Guadalupe County Adult Detention Center

2617 North Guadalupe Street, Seguin, TX, 78155


Reverend C.A. Holliday Transfer Facility

295 IH-45 North, Huntsville, TX, 77320-8443


San Jacinto County Jail

73 West Cedar Avenue, Coldspring, TX, 77331


Ellis County Wayne McCollum Detention Center

300 South Jackson Street, Waxahachie, TX, 75165