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Why Use Our Search Service?

If you have never tried to do it, you would think that finding an incarcerated person would be easy. After all, they are in a secure location and you know that the facility has records on them. However, finding someone in prison can actually be very difficult. You may know where they committed the crime and received their sentence, but do you know whether it was a state or federal crime?

Do you know what crime served as the actual basis for their conviction? Do you know whether they are considered a security risk or whether they have special needs, like a disability, mental illness, or substance abuse problem that would result in them being sent to a specialized facility? Without this information, you may only be able to guess their whereabouts, and, since inmate communication is often limited during an intake or evaluation period, they may not be able to contact you to let you know where they are.

At, we are committed to helping you locate your friend, loved one, or family member, regardless of where they are incarcerated. By making some basic choices, we help you pick the right facilities to search, making your search easier. Know where the inmate was sentenced? Then you can go directly to that prison or jail’s page and search for the inmate using our links to the inmate locator tools.

If you do not know where the inmate was sentenced, then the first question is where the crime was committed or where the trial was held. This will give you the state to search. Almost all states have inmate locator databases that track inmates throughout their prison systems, so you only have to do a single search. If the state locator does not find your inmate, then it is possible that he or she is in a federal prison, and the federal prison locator tool can help you find them. If the crime was misdemeanor or a felony with a sentence of less than a year, then the inmate might be in a jail instead of a prison.

To find an inmate who is serving time in a jail, you may need information about the country or city where the inmate was convicted. If you do not have all the information you need, simply use the information you have to narrow your choices and begin your search!