Prison Lookup

Are you looking for an inmate in prison? There are many types of prisons you can look for. Federal prisons, state prisons, county jails, city jails, and more. Here is a breakdown of how you can do a prison search by type.

Federal prisons are the only ones that have a general database where you can search for a prison or inmate in one spot. If you’re searching for an inmate in state prison, you must go to that particular state’s website.

How to Locate a Federal Prison

Since the federal government only has one tool for federal prisons, you can find that here. From there, you will be able to locate any federal prison.

Quick Federal Inmate Search

Your first step in navigating through any federal prison is to do an inmate search. With an online central database, you can easily do this from the comfort of your own home.

To begin your search, you will go to the BOP Federal prison website. This is called the Federal Bureau of Prisons. From the homepage, you will click on the tab at the top that says inmates. Then, go to find an inmate.

In order to search for an inmate, you will need to know their first and last name. Type in their first and last name (ex: Adam Jones). When you find the person you are looking for, you will want to click on their name.

Write down pertinent information about the inmate such as their facility location and their register number. You will need this in order to visit, send mail, or send money. The FBOP has the most comprehensive federal prison search engine.

How to Locate a State Prison – Easy Prison Search by State

Are you interested in locating a state prison? You can do so by only taking a few steps. All states operate their own prisons, which means there is not one huge locator or search engine.

Go to your state’s website and from there, you can search for an inmate! Every single state has a state prison search tool.

The good thing about state prisons is you can search for an inmate from that tool. You don’t have to know which exact state prison they’re in.

How to Locate a County Jail

Some people are wondering how they can locate a county jail within the United States. Since locating an inmate is important, you’ll need to know how to locate a county jail.

Since county jails are so different, you need to know which county the jail is in. You can do this by putting a few keywords into Google.

For example, if you’re looking for a county jail in Orange County, California. You will need to search for “Orange County, California county jails.” From there, a list of county jails will pop up. You will have to do an inmate search for each county jail.

This is because the information is overseen by the county jail and not by the state. Not to mention, some counties have one jail and others have multiple.

How to Locate a City Jail

When it comes to city jails, you have to go to that particular city online and search for their jails. Most city’s only have one city jail, but for larger cities, you will find that there are multiple jails.

Utilizing a Correctional Facilities Locator

When it comes to find any jail, you simply need to do a quick Google search. Here is an example of how to find any type of jail through a quick online search.

  • “Idaho Federal Prison”
  • “State Prisons in Utah”
  • “South Bend, Indiana County Jail”
  • “Denver City Jail”

If you have further concerns or questions about any jail or prison you will want to contact the facility that oversees the inmates of that prison/jail.