Kentucky Federal Inmate Locator Departament of Corrections

Updated on: October 9, 2020
Department Name
Kentucky Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
275 E Main St, Frankfort, KY 40601, United States
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Types of Correctional Facilities in Kentucky

Looking for an inmate in the Kentucky Department of Corrections may be easier than you thought. The records of those serving in the Kentucky DOC are available, but they are maintained by the Kentucky DOC. You may be easily able to find an inmate in the state prison system, using this guide, you will need to look on individual websites for inmates serving in a city jail. Keep reading to discover how you can do an inmate search in the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

How to Do an Inmate Search

If you’re wanting to do a prison search or inmate search, you’ve come to the right place. You can do an inmate search by heading to this website. When you go to this state website, you can look up an inmate by searching for them by the following criteria:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Middle Name

Doing an offender search can help you figure out which prison the offender is in. Once you figure this out, you can also start communicating with the inmate.

How to Talk to an Inmate

When it comes to the Kentucky Department of Corrections, only an inmate can call you. You cannot call to talk to an inmate. If there is an emergency, you can call (606) 337-7065 and talk to the supervisor that is on duty. Leave a message with the supervisor, and then word will get to the inmate.

When an inmate calls you, it’s collect, and then you’re responsible for any charges that are incurred. This is important to know as you make plans to communicate with an inmate, after you’ve done an inmate locator search.

How to Send Money to a KDOC Inmate

Sending money to a KDOC inmate is easier than you may think. JPAY is the service platform of choice.

You can go to, or you can download the JPay app. You can also talk to speak to a representative from

How to Send Mail to Inmate

After you have done a lookup on an inmate search, you may be looking for an option to mail the inmate a letter.

All incoming mail from you must be done through the USPS. You should know that any mail you send to an inmate is subject to search. It’s important to use common sense when you decide to send mail or a letter to someone in prison.

Whether you’re calling an inmate, sending money, or even sending mail, it’s important to follow the procedures of the Kentucky Department of Corrections. Everything is searched, and it’s a privilege and not a right to be able to talk to a prisoner in the state prison system of Kentucky.

Understanding Inmate Programs

You may have questions about what an inmate does while they’re in prison. There are several inmate programs available in the KDOC.

  • Vocational Education
  • Academic Classes
  • Life Skills Program
  • Jefferson Community College
  • Pathfinder Program
  • Mental Health Program
  • Substance Abuse Programs
  • Counseling

This is a guide to help you find ways to communicate with an inmate in the Kentucky Department of Corrections, if you have more questions, make sure you check out the main website.

Correctional Facilities in Kentucky

There are 370 jails and prisons in state Kentucky

Wurtland City Jail

500 Wurtland Avenue, Wurtland, KY, 41144


Worthington City Jail

PO Box 366, Worthington, KY, 41183


Wingo City Jail

PO Box 117, Wingo, KY, 42088


Wilmore City Jail

335 East Main Street, Wilmore, KY, 40390


Williamstown City Jail

400 North Main Street, Williamstown, KY, 41097


Wilder City Jail

520 Licking Pike, Wilder, KY, 41071


Wickliffe City Jail

321 Court Street, Wickliffe, KY, 42087


Whitesburg City Jail

28 East Main Street, Whitesburg, KY, 41858


Wheelwright City Jail

PO Box 365, Wheelwright, KY, 41669


Warsaw City Jail

303 East Main Street PO Box 785, Warsaw, KY, 41095


Villa Hills City Jail

719 Rogers Road, Villa Hills, KY, 41017


Vanceburg City Jail

615 Second Street, Vanceburg, KY, 41179


Uniontown City Jail

237 Main Street, Uniontown, KY, 42461


Tompkinsville City Jail

206 North Magnolia Street, Tompkinsville, KY, 42167


Taylor Mill City Jail

5225 Taylor Mill Road, Taylor Mill, KY, 41015


Taylorsville City Jail

70 Taylorsville Road, Taylorsville, KY, 40071


Sturgis City Jail

603 North Adams Street, Sturgis, KY, 42459


Stanford City Jail

305 East Main Street, Stanford, KY, 40484


Stanton City Jail

98 Court Street PO Box 970, Stanton, KY, 40380


Stamping Ground City Jail

3376 Main Street, Stamping Ground, KY, 40379

502- 535-6223