Virginia Departament of Corrections

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Virginia State Department of Corrections
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Currently Incarcerated Inmates
P.O. Box 26963. Richmond, VA 23261-6963
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Types of Correctional Facilities in Virginia

Those who are housed in a prison in the Virginia Department of Corrections have their inmate records housed by the VADOC. Inmates who are in a federal prison can be searched in the database provided by the state.

Those inmates who are housed in prison, not ran by the state, are going to have their records maintained by the city or county jail that they’re in. Here is how you do an inmate search and figure out how to communicate with an inmate.

How to do an Inmate Search

A prison search or inmate search in the Virginia State Department of Corrections is easier than you can imagine. You simply search for the inmate by first name, last night, or ID number.

If you have this information, it’s much easier to find an inmate. If you have troubles locating an inmate, you might be able to contact the state prison, in which they’re located.

Go here to find the inmate you’re looking for in the Virginia State Department of Corrections, also known as VADOC.

How to Visit with an Inmate

If you have done your prison search and inmate locator, then visiting with an inmate may be your next step.

Before you can visit with an inmate, you need to fill out an application. Your application will expire after 36 months, in that case, you will need to put in a new application.

You must check with each institution to figure out when their visitation schedules are. Go here to get all the details on visitations in the Virginia State Department of Corrections.

How to Complete a Video Visitation

Friends and family can meet with an inmate through video visitation. Traveling long distances can be expensive for friends and family, this is a good solution to that problem.

Each inmate that wants to participate in video visitation needs to be eligible. If you’d like to get a more in-depth review of what is or isn’t allowed visitation wise, go here.

How to Send Mail

As a civilian, you’re allowed to communicate with inmates in the Virginia State Department of Corrections via mail. In fact, it’s encouraged!

Just be cautioned that sending mail to the prison system means it’s subjected to being searched.

Also, all mail sent to the Virginia State Department of Corrections is copied, and the photocopies are given to the inmate.

If for some reason the mail has been classified as unauthorized, the mail will be sent back to the sender with a note explaining why it was sent back.

You can get a detailed list of what is okay and not okay to send right here.

If you’d like to get in touch with an inmate or lookup an inmate, then you are where you need to be. Hopefully, this guide will help you figure out the information you need.

Correctional Facilities in Virginia

There are 298 jails and prisons in state Virginia

Wytheville City Jail

185 Spring St., Wytheville, VA, 24382


Wise City Jail

501 W. Main St., Wise, VA, 24293


Wintergreen City Jail

P.O Box 587, Wintergreen, VA, 22958


White Stone City Jail

433 Rappahannock Dr., White Stone, VA, 22578


White River Junction City Jail

812 VA Cutoff Rd., White River Junction, VA, 05001


West Dover City Jail

P. O. Box 124, West Dover, VA, 05356


Weber City City Jail

P. O. Box 2266, Weber City, VA, 24290


Virginia Beach City Jail

2509 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA, 23456


Victoria City Jail

P. O. Box V, Victoria, VA, 23974


Timberville City Jail

392 S. Main St., Timberville, VA, 22853


Tappahannock City Jail

315 Duke St., Tappahannock, VA, 22560


Tangier City Jail

P. O. Box 244, Tangier, VA, 23440


Suffolk City Jail

120 N. Wellons St., Suffolk, VA, 23434


Stephens City City Jail

1033 Locust St., Stephens City, VA, 22655


Staunton City Jail

116 W. Beverley St., Staunton, VA, 24401


Stafford City Jail

1221 Washington Dr., Stafford, VA, 22554


South Hill City Jail

103 S. Brunswick Ave., South Hill, VA, 23970


South Boston City Jail

640 Hamilton Blvd., South Boston, VA, 24592


Scottsville City Jail

105 Main St., Scottsville, VA, 24590


Saxis City Jail

P. O. Box 90, Saxis, VA, 23427