Sevier County Jail, TN Inmate Roster

Updated on: February 12, 2021
Sevier County Jail

Visitation Hours

  • Sunday 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
  • Monday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Thursday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Friday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Saturday 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
  • Holiday Closed

Sevier County Jail Basic Information

Facility Name
Sevier County Jail
Facility Type
County Jail
106 West Bruce Street, Sevierville, TN, 37862
Postal Code
Sevier County
Official Website
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Sevier County Sheriffs Department

Ronald L. Seals
106 West Bruce Street, Sevierville, Tennessee, 37862

The Sevier County Jail started operation in late 2007 and is a high level, top tier office utilizing the latest development and an overall orchestrated, comprehensive arrangement. The virtual jail office involves 214 beds. Male and female work release houses 148 beds, and the house catch program administers up to 60 prisoners step by step.

As the most significant department inside the Sevier County Sheriff’s Department, the facility includes 200 authorities and specialists and is responsible for various action regions inside the Sheriff’s Organization Division. Despite housing detainees, the division also handles all prisoner transports to and from a court or other holding workplaces, similarly to clinical and dental plans.

Inmate Bookings

Sevier County Jail is ahead of the game. They currently have their mugshots and list of inmates available on the world wide web. You can see this list using this link. This link will be a godsend if you are looking for someone who may be in the county jail here in Sevier.

What Commissary Service Does Sevier County Jail?

Supermarket administrations for the Sevier County Jail are given by Tennessee Business Ventures Stand 552. Tennessee Business Endeavors (TBE) is a state-run program set up under the TN Branch of Human Administrations. It offers the visually impaired and outwardly debilitated need to distribute, food prep/counter/welcome focuses, and jail grocery stores at the state, county, and neighborhood level. The outwardly incapacitated administrator for the Sevier Grocery store is Eric Breeden. He has had the agreement for supermarket administrations since May 10, 2010.

Store Administrations at the Sevier County Jail incorporate All detainee subsidizes taking care of. Booths in each unit permit admittance to a law library, complaint and solicitation framework for jail organization, public safeguards office, clinical, and in house food administrations and penniless administrations, PREA detailing and training, supermarket announcing and exchange records. TBE additionally gives video appearance and Store booths in the anteroom at the real jail and the base Security Extension. Plans incorporate Video appearance redesign at the Addition and telephone administrations.

Methods to Deposit Funds

When a detainee is set up for the Sevier County Jail, any money with the rest of his personal effects that aren’t seized is kept in his prisoner account. The prisoner is then ready to arrange supermarket items on Friday and Saturday, which are then conveyed to the jail detainee by TBE 552 representatives and the working supervisor. Individuals outwardly can add cash to the prisoner’s record by three techniques:

  1. Entryway store booths.

There are both money and credit choices to browse on the entire screen. When a selection is picked, the net will move to a part where the individual saving cash will consent to the charge to store the money or exit out. On the off chance that they agree to proceed onward, at that point, they will pick the last letter of the detainees’ name. A rundown of prisoners will show up, and you look through to your detainee. Contact screen and move to an area where you round out your data. It requests a name and a postal district, additionally for a PDA number so a receipt can get messaged to your telephone. It will ask you the amount you wish to store; at that point, you will add money and hit total, the stand will move to the print screen, hit print, print a receipt with an affirmation number on it, and afterward, you are finished.

  1. Cash orders

Cash requests and clerks’ checks can just get sent to SC Prisoner Asset PO Box 4068 Sevierville, TN. 37864. the cash request should get made out to the prisoner reserve with the detainee’s name showing up in the notice line. Kindly remember to compose the detainees’ names on the reminder line so the cash can get stored in the correct record. This crate is checked double seven days.

  1. Telephone installments

Cash can get stored via telephone at 1-855-836-3364. If saving by telephone, it will request an office number, which is number 22. All stores over the web or phone are made by credit or charge card just and subject to Mastercard expenses controlled by the organization. (Snap the Store tab at the highest point of the screen)

Most stores are accessible within 24 hours. However, it could take up to 48.

What Can You Not Send in the Mail?

  • No Photos of any sort.
  • No hued pages, hued composing, inks, or colored pencils. No white-out. White paper Just and blue or dark ink as it were.
  • No riddle games.
  • No stickers or sparkle.
  • No opiates or other unidentifiable substances. These things will be gone over to the medication team.
  • No staples or removable.
  • No books, booklets, or magazines.
  • No clear paper, transparent cards, or clear envelopes.
  • No stamps, paste, or tape.
  • No Book of scriptures considers you sent from home.
  • No papers or news cut-outs were sent from home.
  • No hard or delicate plastics.
  • No sexual entertainment.
  • No tattoo glimmer or drawings of any sort.
  • No aroma or scented letter, lipstick, chapstick, or lip salve.
  • No Lamination(s)
  • No prisoner to detainee mail.
  • No mail from other restorative offices or recovery offices.
  • Close to 8 pages for every envelope.
  • No welcome cards or postcards of any kind.
  • No melody verses or sonnets.
  • No cash, checks, or cash orders.
  • No monikers. Put the detainee’s full and right name on the envelope. The first and last name is satisfactory.


Out of a wealth of alert and to secure what Sheriff Seals thinks about a weak populace, it was chosen to suspend appearance and volunteer strict administrations until additional notification. This choice is being reconsidered day by day and dependent on current updates of the Coronavirus to sway our region.

Sevier County Prison Statistics

Sevier County Prison Admissions

Asian Prison Admissions -
Native Prison Admissions 4
Total Prison Admissions 225
Other Prison Admissions -
White Prison Admissions 212
Latino Prison Admissions 4
Black Prison Admissions 5
Male Prison Admissions 170
Female Prison Admissions 55

Sevier County Prison Population

Male Prison Population 377
Female Prison Population 75
Total Prison Population 452

Sevier County Prison Population By Race

Asian Prison Population -
Latino Prison Population 15
White Prison Population 425
Other Prison Population 1
Black Prison Population 5
Native Prison Population 6

Sevier County Jail Admissions By Race

Native Jail Population 4
Asian Jail Population -
Latino Jail Population 14
Black Jail Population 13
White Jail Population 466

Sevier County Jail Admissions

Female Jail Population 105
Total Jail Admissions 5,215
Total Jail Population 479
Male Jail Population 388

Sevier County Pretrial Jail Population

Female Pretrial Jail Population 46
Male Pretrial Jail Population 251
Pretrial Jail Population 298

Sevier County Jail Held Inmates

Jail Population Held for State Prison 172
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies 19
Jail Population Held for State Jail 283
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison -
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail -
Jail Population Held for ICE -

Sevier County, Tennessee Warrants, Arrests

Sevier County Arrest Warrants
Sevier County Child Support Warrants
Sevier County Arrest Warrants

Sevier County Most Wanted
Sevier County Most Wanted
Sevier County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses

Sevier County Sex Offender Registry
Sevier County Sex Offender Registry

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