Armstrong County Jail, PA Inmate Roster

Updated on: February 22, 2021
Armstrong County Jail

Visitation Hours

  • Sunday 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
  • Monday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Thursday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Friday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Saturday 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
  • Holiday Closed

Armstrong County Jail Basic Information

Facility Name
Armstrong County Jail
Facility Type
County Jail
171 Staley's Court Road, Kittanning, PA, 16201
Postal Code
Armstrong County
Official Website
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Armstrong County Sheriff Office

Bill Rupert
500 Market Street, Kittanning, Pennsylvania, 16201
[email protected]

The Armstrong County Jail is located in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. It was opened in August of 2003, and it has a capacity of 158 inmates, including both males and females. The goal of the Armstrong County Jail is to provide a safe environment for the community while caring for and controlling the jail’s residents.

The Armstrong County Jail currently has a prison board of three members. This includes Sheriff and President William (Bill) Rupert, District Attorney and Vice President Charlton, and Commissioner and Secretary Donald Myers. Other members include Commissioner Jason Renshaw, Commissioner Pat Fabian, Controller Myra Miller, and Pres. Judge James Panchik.

The mission statement of the Armstrong County Jail is to provide a safe county for its citizens while still respecting the inmates. More so, they want to help arrestees improve themselves so that they can become productive members of society.

Currently, the Armstrong County Jail does not offer visitations for the safety of the inmates, visitors, and faculty members amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. They do, however, offer phone and mail services to ensure that inmates can reach friends, loved ones, and legal counsel.


The current Armstrong County Jail has a very long history. Even though the current facility was only built-in 2003, Armstrong County has had unique jail structures in the heart of their city since the early 1800s. The original jails had a classic Victorian castle look that would shock most people today due to its ornate and beautiful structure.

The first two striking jails burnt down, leading to the building of the third Victorian castle-styled jail. The third Armstrong County Jail retained the unique Victorian architecture, complete with carved stone walls. Today, that third jail acts as the County Record Center.


The Armstrong County Jail is a relatively new jail, having only been opened in 2003. To date, 1165 people have been admitted into this prison. As of February 18th, 2021, only 151 inmates reside within the County jail. This is close to the max capacity of 158 but just under.

Most of the current inhabitants of the Armstrong County Jail are white, and most are male. In fact, the overwhelming majority of arrestees within this county jail are white males. Of all the inmates, 11 are held for state prison.

Inmate Lookup

On any given day, the Armstrong County Jail can host 158 inmates. Of this total capacity number, this includes males, females, those awaiting trial, those in trial, and those who have been already sentenced.

Using inmate look up, you can search through the online inmate list. This inmate list will include Armstrong County mugshots, name, booking number, and other personal identifying information, including their charges.

Contacting Inmates Within Armstrong County Jail

Under regular circumstances, arrestees of the Armstrong County Jail would be allowed two visitations per week. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, however, visitations have been canceled to ensure the safety of the inmates, faculty, and visitors. Instead, you can contact inmates using the inmate telephone or sending mail through the Postal Service.

Inmate Phone

Upon booking, inmates are given one free telephone call. After that, they will typically be locked down for classification for 72 hours. Once classification is over, inmates are allowed to use the inmate telephone between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Monday through Sunday.

Whenever an inmate calls you, you’ll receive a recording asking if you accept the call. The system will initially allow you to collect a few calls without an account. Eventually, you will need to set up a phone account. You can do this through IC Solutions or by setting up a prepaid account.

If, for whatever reason, you do not want to receive telephone calls, you will have the option to block them from coming in. All phone calls will be recorded and monitored.


In addition to talking to inmates on the phone, you can also send letters and correspondence. You need to list the inmate’s complete name, housing number, and cell number, in addition to the address of the jail, on the envelope. Any letters with contraband will be disposed of.

Contraband includes a variety of items, such as stickers, crayons, and glitter. To ensure that you mail does not include any of these unapproved items, personal mail may be censored or checked. Legal mail will be opened in the presence of a staff member.

To find out more about what counts as contraband, contact the Armstrong County Jail.


The Sheriff’s Office oversees a variety of functions within the Armstrong County community. The office ensures the courthouse is safe, serves warrants, issues licenses for firearms, transports prisoners, and more. The current Sheriff of Armstrong County is Sheriff Bill Rupert, who has spent most of his life in public service.

Sheriff Bill Rupert Biography

Bill Rupert is the son of Nancy and Frank Rupert. He has long roots in the community and graduated from Kittanning High School, as well as Lenape Vo Tech. He continued his education in emergency service and became a certified Emergency Medical Technician and ran with Kittanning Hose Company #6 Ambulance.

At the same time, he was very active in the fire service. He was active in the Rayburn Township Fire Department and Rural Valley Fire Department. At the Rural Valley Fire Department, he served as a Chief, President, and Assistant Chief. He stands as a lifetime member of that Department.

Bill graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Police Academy in 1999. After that, he pursued a Machining Industry career. He did a variety of other jobs for the community, such as working in the energy field and gaining endorsement from the local law enforcement organization. In 2013, Bill was elected Armstrong County Sheriff.

Bill is the father of three children. Amongst his civil and fatherly duties, Bill finds a little bit of free time to be an active member in the Rayburn Beagle Club, Armstrong Police Association, and Pine Creek Sportsman Club. He also acts as the President of the Armstrong County Prison.

Armstrong County Prison Statistics

Armstrong County Jail Held Inmates

Jail Population Held for State Jail 2
Jail Population Held for ICE -
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies -
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail -
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison -
Jail Population Held for State Prison 11

Armstrong County Prison Population By Race

Black Prison Population 22
Asian Prison Population -
White Prison Population -
Other Prison Population 3
Native Prison Population -
Latino Prison Population -

Armstrong County Prison Admissions

Other Prison Admissions -
Latino Prison Admissions -
White Prison Admissions -
Native Prison Admissions -
Female Prison Admissions 9
Asian Prison Admissions -
Black Prison Admissions -
Total Prison Admissions 46
Male Prison Admissions 37

Armstrong County Prison Population

Female Prison Population 11
Male Prison Population 95
Total Prison Population 106

Armstrong County Jail Admissions

Total Jail Admissions 1,165
Total Jail Population 151
Male Jail Population 144
Female Jail Population 16

Pennsylvania Jail & Prison Phone Call Rates

Out of State Phone Call Rate Per Minute $0.06
In-State Phone Call Rate Per Minute $0.06

Armstrong County Jail Admissions By Race

Native Jail Population -
Black Jail Population 22
Asian Jail Population -
Latino Jail Population 3
White Jail Population 135

Armstrong County Pretrial Jail Population

Male Pretrial Jail Population 51
Female Pretrial Jail Population 20
Pretrial Jail Population 40

Armstrong County, Pennsylvania Warrants, Arrests

Armstrong County Arrest Warrants
Armstrong County Child Support Warrants

Armstrong County Most Wanted
Armstrong County Most Wanted
Armstrong County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses

Armstrong County Sex Offender Registry
Armstrong County Sex Offender Registry

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