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Updated on: May 9, 2020
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Minnesota Department of Corrections
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Currently Incarcerated Inmates
1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 200, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108
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Types of Correctional Facilities in Minnesota

Are you looking for an inmate in the Minnesota Department of Corrections? Look no further. You have come the right place to help you do an inmate search or lookup other information. If you’re looking for an inmate in the federal prison system, you should be able to find them without a problem.

Those looking for an inmate in a county jail or a city jail, you will need to look on those individual websites. Follow along as you search for an imnate and learn your options for communicating with them.

How to Use the Offender Locator

If you’d like to use the inmate search, you’re in the right spot. This prison search helps you to locate a prisoner in no time. The adults in the system that have been put in a Minnesot state prison will be in this search. There is also a search engine for those who are fugitives, but not listed in the system. Use this tool to lookup an inmate in the system.

To search for an offender in the MDOC, you will need the name or the MNDOC offender ID. You can use one or the other to help you find an offender in the system.

How to Contact an Offender

Do you want to contact an offender in the system? You have a few options. It’s important for an inmate to have a support system, while they’re in prison. You can help support them by writing mail, calling them, or even sending an email. Here are your options when it comes to contacing an offender.

  • Send an email: You’re able to send an email to a MDOC inmate. Before you can send an email, you do need toknow the offender’s ID. You will need to open up a JPAY account.
  • Send money to an inmate: If you have a desire to send money to an inmate, you can do so. Keep in mind that inmates are provided with everything they need, but they can purchase extras.
  • Send a letter: While you can send a letter to an inmate, be advised that there are a lot of different rules for sending letters. You will need to take a closer look at this information on the MDOC website.

How to Visit with an Inmate

Those of you who are wanting to visit with an inmate can do so through visitation. Visitation can promote a healthy relationship between prisoners and family/friends. Visiting with an inmate can help an offender when it’s time to get out of prison as well.

Keep in mind that there is no visitation available during a state recognized holiday. Also, each facility has it’s own visitation schedule. Victims of an offender are prohibited from visiting an inmate.

Doing a proper prison search can help you find an inmate. The inmate locator available can help you visit or communicate with the offender.

While the search tools are free online, keep in mind that it does cost money to send an email or make a phone call to an inmate. If you plan on visiting, make sure you follow all the rules!

Correctional Facilities in Minnesota

There are 390 jails and prisons in state Minnesota

Two Harbors City Jail

611 3rd Avenue, Two Harbors, MN, 55616


Truman City Jail

214 West Ciro Street, Truman, MN, 56088


Trimont City Jail

PO Box 405, Trimont, MN, 56176


Tracy City Jail

336 Morgan Street, Tracy, MN, 56175

507-629-5534, 507-629-5535

Thief River Falls Police City Jail

102 First Street West, Thief River Falls Police, MN, 56701


Stillwater City Jail

216 North Fourth Street North, Stillwater, MN, 55082


Starbuck City Jail

Wollan Street PO Box 606, Starbuck, MN, 56381-0606


Staples City Jail

301 2nd Avenue NE, Staples, MN, 56479


St. Paul City Jail

43 Glumack Drive, St. Paul, MN, 55111


St. Paul Park City Jail

600 Portland Avenue, St. Paul Park, MN, 55071


St. Louis Park City Jail

3015 Raleigh Avenue South, St. Louis Park, MN, 55416


St. James City Jail

715 3rd Avenue South, St. James, MN, 56081


St. Anthony City Jail

3301 Silver Lake Road NE, St. Anthony, MN, 55418


St. Charles City Jail

830 Whitewater Avenue, St. Charles, MN, 55972


Spring Grove City Jail

118 1st Avenue NW, Spring Grove, MN, 55974


South St. Paul City Jail

125 3rd Avenue North, South St. Paul, MN, 55075


Sleepy Eye City Jail

130 2nd Avenue NW, Sleepy Eye, MN, 56085


Silver Lake City Jail

308 Main Street West, Silver Lake, MN, 55381-0347


Silver Bay City Jail

7 Davis Drive, Silver Bay, MN, 55614


Shorewood City Jail

24150 Smithtown Road, Shorewood, MN, 55331