Gallatin County Jail, KY Inmate Roster

Updated on: July 10, 2021
Gallatin County Jail

Visitation Hours

  • Sunday 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
  • Monday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Thursday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Friday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Saturday 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
  • Holiday Closed

Gallatin County Jail Basic Information

Facility Name
Gallatin County Jail
Facility Type
County Jail
106 West Main Street PO Box 406, Warsaw, KY, 41095
Postal Code
Gallatin County
Official Website
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Gallatin County Sheriffs Department

Joshua W. Neale
106 West Main Street, Warsaw, Kentucky, 41095

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When you find out that someone you love is in prison, it can be a hard blow. Inmates in the Gallatin County Jail in Kentucky have their records maintained by the county jail. This means you can look up information on this inmate, using their search engine.

County jails are typically used for those who are awaiting their trial or sentencing. Those in the Gallatin County Jail are not usually in this facility more than 1 year at a time. There are many ways you can get in touch with an inmate, so stay tuned to learn more about this facility and how you can get in touch with an inmate.

About the Gallatin County Jail

As a county jail, this isn’t a huge a facility. In all of Gallatin County, this is the only county jail serving the entire county. Both males and females are incarcerated in this facility.

If you’d like to get in touch with the jail, you can call 859-567-5941.

Finding an Inmate

Are you looking for an inmate in the Gallatin County Jail in Kentucky? Mugshots and the roster by date is available through the Gallatin County Jail.

The Gallatin County Jail in Kentucky has a webpage in which you can find an inmate. This is a public webpage.

The public can look for information and this can help them identify an inmate. It can also help them determine bail and booking information.

While you can find all of this information online, it’s important to note that a person is innocent until proven to be guilty.

Scheduling a Visitation

Finding out a loved one in jail usually leads to a visitation. You can schedule a visitation with an inmate by following a simple protocol.

The first step to visiting with an inmate in the Gallatin County Jail is to get on the visitation list. Also, if you’re on the visitation list, you need to have a government-issued identification card.

A valid United States Passport is also valid for those who don’t have a government issued ID.

When it comes to visiting an inmate in the Gallatin County Jail, make sure you’re following all protocol. You must follow a particular dress code. You also must follow the rules and regulations of the county jail. If you violate these rules, you must deal with the consequences.

Sending Money to an Inmate

Sending money to an inmate isn’t difficult with the Gallatin County Jail. The county jail allows you to send a money order to the inmate by using the jail’s mailing address:

106 West Main Street
PO Box 406, Warsaw, KY, 41095

Also using the kiosk in the lobby, you can deposit money into an inmate’s account. These kiosks only take cash and there is a fee per transaction. For each transaction, there is a $2.50 fee.

You can go into the jail at any time and add money to the inmate’s account. This means 24/7 you can walk into the lobby and add money. Just be aware that you will need to pay the transaction fee every time you want to add money.

Money added to the account always has the possibility of being used to pay inmate fees. Fees can be wracked up through court fees and other prison costs. Once you add money to an inmate’s account, you won’t be able to get it back.

Make sure you are positive you want to add money before you add it!

Calling an Inmate

Pay Tel Communications is what Gallatin County Jail uses to help inmates get in touch with family and friends.

Pay Tel uses innovative solutions to help inmates and loved ones connect. No incoming calls can be made, which is why the work done by Pay Tel is so important.

The payphones in the Gallatin County Jail are managed by Pay Tel and inmates may make phone calls from 10 AM to 10 PM.

If you have any problems getting a phone call from an inmate, you cannot call the jail, but instead call Pay Tel at 1.800.729.8355.

Keep in mind that you may talk to an inmate, but it may take a while to establish a calling routine. Since an inmate calling you is limited to a certain time period. Try to be available when an inmate calls, so that you don’t have to worry about the stress of not knowing when they’ll be able to call again.

Commissary and Inmates

After you’ve looked through the inmate list, you may be wondering what you can send an inmate in the Gallatin County Jail.

Every county jail has something known as a commissary. With this commissary, inmates can buy extra items for themselves, using money in their accounts.

Inmates can buy items like:

  • Paper

  • Pencils

  • Envelopes

  • Hygiene products

  • Food

  • Extra pieces of clothing

Everything that an inmate needs is provided by the Gallatin County Jail. The commissary is for items that the inmate may want extra. Inmates are provided with the basic minimum, so sometimes it’s nice to have an extra treat or a piece of paper to write a letter.

The Gallatin County Jail in Kentucky is a short-term sentencing jail. You may notice that the inmate you’re looking for has been moved. In case they are moved, you will need to go to that website and look for the inmate.

City jails, county jails, and state prisons all have different web pages allow you to search for an inmate. The Gallatin County Jail in Warsaw, Kentucky, has the goal of keeping all inmates and staff safe. If you plan on visiting the jail, their main goal is to also keep you safe.

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