Newton Correctional Facility, IA Inmate Roster

Updated on: September 12, 2021
Newton Correctional Facility

Visitation Hours

  • Sunday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday Closed
  • Thursday Closed
  • Friday Closed
  • Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Holiday Closed

Newton Correctional Facility Basic Information

Facility Name
Newton Correctional Facility
Facility Type
State Prison
307 South 60th Avenue West PO Box 218, Newton, IA, 50208
Offender Gender
Male Offenders
Postal Code
Jasper County
Official Website
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Newton Correctional Facility is situated in Jasper Province, Iowa. It is a medium and most miniature security foundation that houses roughly 1,136 grown-up male prisoners. The base unit comprises the detainees housed at Newton Correctional Delivery Community; they are prisoners who are getting ready to be delivered once more into society. Substance misuse treatment is accessible to prisoners at the two offices. What’s more, grown-up fundamental schooling and GED courses are accessible to all qualified detainees. Guilty parties can likewise take an interest in work tasks both on institutional grounds and uphold positions outside of the jail.


The Correctional Delivery Community houses prisoners in an assortment of low-secure living regions and is accused of planning guilty parties for parole, work delivery, or release. Correctional Delivery Community programs underscore people’s requirement to assume liability for their behavior and fall into two essential classifications: discharge planning and intellectual conduct programming.

Treatment mediation, which is given through many treatments and individual guiding as suitable, centers around helping the person acknowledge duty, increment acknowledgment, organization change, and oversee explicitly degenerate considerations, perspectives, and conduct.

Grown-up Fundamental Instruction, HiSet classes, and custom curriculum are accommodated, qualified people.

Wrongdoer work tasks remember occupations for grounds or, whenever affirmed, cooperation in local area administration work programs at state organizations or private area business. Wrongdoers associated with local area administration work programs are shipped to work destinations every day and work under non-correctional state representatives’ management.

Mail & Email

Make sure to incorporate the guilty party’s complete name, IDOC Distinguishing proof number, and a substantial return address on all correspondence.

Correctional staff investigates all correspondence and bundles, and there are a few standards you should follow:

Photos are permitted. Be that as it may, female bosoms, just as genitalia and bottom of the two guys and females, should be generously darkened or significantly covered by attire (counting swimwear or underpants) or whatever other article isn’t viewed as explicit or profane. Licentious presentation of genitalia by guys or females, dressed or unclothed, isn’t permitted. Single sheets of different photos, thumbnails, or different sizes, should cling to these norms.

Clippings from approved distributed material.

Duplicates of Web material, except if considered a security hazard/danger.

Connections/walled-in areas sent in with mail are restricted to ten pages or pictures.

If you might want to send an email to a prisoner, you can enlist for O-mail at The expense for every O-mail sent is $0.25.

Visiting Hours

Newton Correctional Facility Medium has appearances on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Occasions from 10 am-7:30 pm. Newton Correctional Delivery Community Least has appearances on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 5:30 pm-9 pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays, and Occasions from 8:15 am-4 pm.

Telephone Calls

The Iowa Division of Corrections gives telephone utility to the advantage of prisoners and their families. The expenses of offering this support are reflected in the rates charged for its utilization, which are lower than for most states. Rates will vary because of upkeep administration and revealing of calls.

Inmate Search

The Newton Iowa Prison has an inmate search that is available here. This inmate search tool will allow you to find inmates in all prisons, not just the Newton Iowa Prison. You’ll discover information such as when they will get out, identifying traits, and their mugshots.

This information is updated. Of course, there may be a few errors here and there, and if you come across any, contact the facility.

Money Methods

Access Corrections store administrations give loved ones a simple, dependable and cheap approach to send cash to a detained adored one in the Iowa Division of Corrections framework.

On the web: visit for store rates beginning at $3.49. Access Corrections acknowledges Visa and MasterCard credit or check cards.

On the web: Set aside installments straightforwardly from your CorrLinks account, the site used to send O-Mail messages ( and get similar low rates beginning at $3.49. Snap-on the “Send Cash” catch to start.

Complimentary Phone Number: Call 1(866)345-1884 to make a credit or check card installment via telephone for as low as $4.49.

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