Lawrence Correctional Center, IL Inmate Roster

Updated on: April 4, 2021
Lawrence Correctional Center

Visitation Hours

  • Sunday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday Closed
  • Thursday Closed
  • Friday Closed
  • Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Holiday Closed

Lawrence Correctional Center Basic Information

Facility Name
Lawrence Correctional Center
Facility Type
State Prison
10940 Lawrence Road, Sumner, IL, 62466
Date Established
Offender Gender
Male Offenders
Postal Code
Lawrence County
Official Website
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Lawrence Correctional Center opened in 2001 with an occupational capacity of 2,380. The correctional center is located at 10940 Lawrence Road Sumner, IL 62466. Note that the facility has a separate mailing address for inmates which is 10930 Lawrence Road, Sumner, IL, 62466.  The overall security level is considered medium. The goal at Lawrence correctional is to offer public safety and offender rehab. The goal is met through evidence-based rehab and enhanced mental health delivery. Rehab is conducted through vocational and educational means.  The facility is large with 16 buildings and is more than 364,000 square feet. Lawrence correctional is only for males.  Lawrence Correctional Facility is distinct from a county jail as Lawrence takes offenders who have been sentenced versus those who were recently arrested and are awaiting trial. As discussed later, Lawrence is known for their good behavior program which results in early release for some inmates.

Visiting Lawrence Correctional Center

Many inmates with to see friends and family as often as possible and are allowed to do so when they behave in a positive manner at Lawrence Correctional. Like most prisons, you must gain approval from Lawrence Correctional to visit the facility. Pre-fill paperwork to make the process easier and prepare to bring in a government ID like a Visa, driver’s license, or state ID. The center does request you bring two forms of ID just in case.

Lawrence Correctional allows most inmates to have one visit in a given day from up to three adults. Inmates deemed more likely to escape will likely have a reduced number of visits and visitors. Visits are subject to monitoring and recording. The prison asks that visitors refrain from wearing anything that could conceal items or be to provocative for a male prison.

Family and friends can also send inmates mail to a specific mailing address which isn’t directly the facility at 10930 Lawrence Road, Sumner, IL, 62466. The mail piece also needs to have the inmate’s entire name and inmate number present.

Parts of the regulations for Lawrence Correctional’s visiting hours come from the inmates “phase,” which regulates how often inmates and receive visitors. Phase I has the lowest access with one visit per month. Phase II has the most access with 5 two-hour visits per month, or once a week. Visiting hours are limited to 8:30am to 2pm most days.

Recently, Lawrence Correctional has allowed visitors to engage with inmates via video calls for fifteen minutes. Video visits are offered on a different timetable broken throughout the day, and most inmates are allowed up to 4 video visits per week.

Inmate Search

While Lawrence Correctional does not appear to have its own inmate search, users can perform a search on the Illinois Department of Corrections website. You don’t need the entire first or last name for a proper search and can search more specifically by birthdate or Illinois Department of Corrections number. For example, one seeking Thomas Smith could enter T into the first name field, and Sm into the last name field. Lawrence Correctional also does not appear to offer an inmate roster publicly.

Jobs and Education

Lawrence Correctional is known for its vocational and educational programs. They offer Adult Basic Education and General Educational Development. Inmates can also take courses in print management, commercial custodial, and more as they wait for release.

Among opportunities come from the facilities use of an auto maintenance department for inmates to learn to work on cars, and a warehouse and mailroom. Inmates can learn to work a trade through these opportunities. Lawrence also gives inmates technology career classes. The facilities for their auto maintenance, warehouse, and mailroom are outside the fence and have strict reentry to keep tools and work items out of the main buildings.

Sustainable and Recidivism

The Lawrence Correctional Facility is a state-of-the-art facility designed to become high efficient for energy. Given the expense of running a rehab prison, Lawrence Correctional uses water control systems and high-efficiency washers and dryers for uniforms. In addition, their lighting uses recyclable and recycled light bulbs and the leftover oil from their maintenance garage is used to heat local shops that have oil-burning furnaces.

Proper rehabilitation is another hallmark of Lawrence, and results inefficiency. Lawrence Correctional gives inmates good conduct credit for good behavior and completing vocational and college classes. Over 15,000 days of good behavior have been earned, resulting in some cases in earlier release. Lawrence Correctional also offers Re-Entry summits for those reentering mainstream society in an effort to acclimate them to the real world again. Substance abuse education is also paramount for those in prison for using illicit drugs or who have crimes that came from substance abuse.

Lawrence Correctional also has a library and lifestyle redirection course, as the center recognizes that education and culture are often what brings inmates to their center, and that they can be changed and corrected.


As part of their efforts to keep people out of jail long term, Lawrence Correctional asks for volunteers to provide some services that are helpful to inmates. Volunteer tutors are brought in to teach literacy and academics which leads to enrollment in their general education degree program. No specifics are offered, but Lawrence Correctional also has a Father’s Initiative. Volunteer chaplains also offer religious education and services.

Sending Money & Commissary

Money can be provided for inmates for use in the commissary. Friends and family can deposit money at an ATM in the prison lobby for use by an inmate. Inmates are not given money directly but can use the money in an account. Items allowed include personal hygiene products beyond those offered by the prison, playing cards, and items for entertainment. The commissary is also regulated to keep inmates from purchasing excessive amounts of cards or over-the-counter drugs.

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