How to Find an Inmate ID Number

How to Find an Inmate ID Number

If you have ever had a friend or loved one incarcerated, and have taken any steps to find them, communicate or have any exchange with them, then you are aware of the importance attached to their inmate ID number.

Whether you are searching for the inmate through an online prison locator or looking for them directly at a facility via a phone call or a direct visit, you will get questions about the inmates’ names and their ID.

The requirement for an inmate’s ID does not end with the inmate search; rather, most of the transactions that occur in U.S facilities between the inmate and the outside world from sending mail, accepting phone calls, sending money, or getting a visit at the loved one at the facility mostly require inmate ID.

Seeing the importance of an inmate’s ID, if you are looking to interact with an inmate, it is best you have some information about an inmate’s ID, and this article will help you do just that!

What is an Inmate ID?

An inmate ID number is a unique set of numbers attributed to individual inmates, identifying them. It is not uncommon to find inmates with the same names in prison facilities, plus, being that there are many prison and detention facilities across America, a unique number that cannot be duplicated provides the best way to identify each prisoner.

An inmate’s ID can be compared to a normal free citizens’ social security number. It helps keep clear data on each inmate. The department of corrections or the federal bureau of prisons comes up with an inmate’s ID dependent on jurisdiction.

An inmate is required to be aware of what their inmate ID is, as it is used to identify them in whatever activity that may be required of them. In case the inmate needs to go to the doctor’s office or is supposed to go for their work programs, they will mainly be identified by their inmate ID.

According to a now released inmate, in her time at the facility she was incarcerated in, she was never identified by both her names; rather, her inmate ID was the main form of identification, with the second name attached occasionally.

How Do You Get Prisoner Identification Number

So, how do you find out where an inmate is located? If you are looking for the inmate ID for an inmate that may be of interest to you, then you can get their ID number, either online or offline. If you search for the inmates’ ID online, then there are ways for you to get it, including through the BOP website or the Stats DOC website.

How to Find an Inmate ID Number-BOP Number

If you decide to find an inmate through the federal bureau of prisons (BOP) number, you will need a bit of information, including their first and last names. It will also be easier if you have a bit of extra information, as it will narrow down the ID search, making it faster to get the ID. Some of the extra information required includes their middle names, gender, race, and age.

What is DOC Number?

This is a six-digit number provided for by the Department of Corrections.

If you go through the DOC website, you will still require the same information on the BOP website. Just provide the information, and you will be on your way to getting the inmate’s ID.

If you have no access to the internet or an internet-enabled device, then you can get the information through an inmate mail or a telephone call. The inmate is required to include their names in the mail, meaning the information will be on the envelope. The other option is to get the ID through a call where you can ask for it directly from the facility.

If you still cannot get hold of the inmate through mail or telephone, and at the same time cannot get an internet connection, then there is a chance of getting the ID through visiting the facility itself and enquiring about the inmate ID through the prison officials.

Can Inmate ID Change?

There is a scenario where the inmate ID will change, but mostly it will not. For example, if you are transferred between federal prisons, then the inmate ID does not change, as long as you are serving the same sentence.

The same applies to all other prison levels, be it state, county, or city prisons. If you are transferred within these security facilities, at the same level, say County level, the inmate ID will not change. However, in all these security facilities, for the inmate ID to stay the same, you will have to be transferred within the same State.

Where can Inmate ID Change

However, there are scenarios where the inmate ID will change. One of the scenarios is where the inmate is released in one state and then re-arrested for a different felony in a different state and prison.

Also, if you are transferred between different states, your inmate ID will change.

Another different scenario where the inmate ID will change is if the inmate is transferred between different security facilities. This means that if the inmate is transferred from a municipal prison to federal prison, then the inmate ID will change. This applies to all security facilities. If the inmate is transferred from one level facility to another, the inmate ID will change.

In case you are looking for an inmate or want to correspond, the best advice would be to seek and find the inmate’s ID first.

How does Inmate ID help?

In case an inmate is behind bars, you might not be able to interact or help out the inmate in terms of sending them money if you do not have their inmate ID. When it comes to making phone calls to the inmate, you will need their ID to set up a phone account to accept or make calls.

If you send anything to the inmate, you need to have the inmates ID as part of the mail or package you send.

We cannot stress enough how much of importance an inmate ID is. However, it is also important to have other information about the inmate, as it will come in handy in searching or inquiring about them.