Can You Have a TV In Your Prison Cell?

Can You Have a TV In Your Prison Cell?

The idea that you are allowed to watch TV in prison sounds both ideal and far-fetched. For the inmates, the time they stay entertained means that time will move faster. What better way to stay entertained than watching TV?

Many jails in the United States have television sets in the common areas. Prisoners get a chance to watch their favorite shows every now and then. Watching television is a pass time that most of the prisoners enjoy. Even if a prisoner does not watch television, they will enjoy the entertainment values it brings.

Can You Watch TV in Prison?

Prisoners will get a chance to watch a television show under supervision from the guards. Inmates will get very little to no privacy as they watch television. The purpose of the supervision is to ensure that inmates do not pose a threat to each other.

When the inmates are watching TV, it will distract them from the boredom that they usually undergo. Additionally, watching TV will help them not think about things that trouble them. It offers them a place they can escape to for relaxation.

Prisoners watch several programs from the Bachelor to Survivor. Nonetheless, several programs are off-limits to the prisoners. Most of the shows that they watch are comedies. Their comical effect will help them relax and not think about their problems.

If a prisoner is not happy with what is on TV, too bad for them. Television is shared, and they will have to contend with what is on television. It is important for every prisoner to understand that watching TV is a privilege and not a right.

If a prisoner has been causing trouble or has behaved badly, the authorities may deny them the right to watch television.

Do Prisoners Get Prison TV in Their Cells?

Some prisoners can have television sets in their rooms. However, a prisoner has to earn the right before they can have a television set in their cell. For the most part, an inmate will not have a television waiting for them when they go to prison.

A prisoner will have to earn the right before they can get prison TV in their cells. However, there are institutions that do not allow an inmate to have a TV in their cell. It is important to note that even though a prisoner will have their own TV, it does not mean that they can watch anything that they want.

In most prisons, the prisoners share cells, and a single room will have two or more prisoners. If two or more prisoners do not agree about the TV, they may lose their privilege of having a television.

Having a television will surely improve the relationship among inmates. Having a common interest will help inmates bond better as they watch TV. It also helps them have a good time together and time in prison flies as boredom is reduced.

The prison experience is better, and the stress that comes with being incarcerated reduces drastically. Research shows that watching television is great therapy and helps an inmate not overthink at times.

Restrictions on What Prisoners Can Watch

In most cases, prisoners can watch whatever makes them happy. Most of the major networks, including NBC, CBS, and ABC, have appropriate content for the inmates. However, certain programs will not be available because of their content.

Prisoners will not be allowed to watch any R rated programs. Additionally, they are not allowed to watch any pornography, programs that have violent scenes, and those that show excessive bleeding. The reason for this censorship is to ensure they are not exposed to anything that may trigger certain emotions such as violence.

If you are found watching any program or movie that is prohibited, you will lose the right to watch TV. Your TV set will be taken away, and you may never get another chance to watch it. Moreover, any fights that may start because of television programs may make the authorities take away the TV set.

How to Buy A TV for an Inmate

For an inmate to get a TV set, they will have to get one from family and friends. You will have to buy one and take it to an inmate. A TV that is to be owned by an inmate will be screened and checked before it is allowed into the facility.

Televisions are allowed for both the low and medium prisons. A prisoner in a maximum-security prison cannot own a television set. Some prisons do not allow prisoners to own TV sets, and they can only watch the one provided by the facility.

Many prisons insist that it is not fair for a prisoner to own a television set, as it does not create equality. There are prisoners who cannot afford to own a TV set, and they will feel left out. Moreover, owning a TV may threaten the safety of a prisoner in one way or another. That said, though, for those that own TV sets, they can pass time well as long as they watch what is allowed at the right time.